To fit out a store, different materials can be used: wood, glass, metal and plaster board.
To position fittings all you need is one knob: kode.1.

Kode.1 can be used on all materials and lets you to hook every accessories: hooks and brackets, with a pleasant
and essential graphical effect. kode.1 is made in steel with a satin finish and can be applied on any single or
double-sided surface depending on the requirement of the designer. So, when you have a design or would like to
furnish a store think of kode.1, the one thing that makes everything easier.
It's the real and only "code" you will need to furnish and design interiors.
.The possibility to fix knobs in front and back depending where the bolting panel is found or on an already
 mounted exterior where access from the back is not possible.
.It's possible to fasten these knobs on glass plates or Plexiglas so that the back fixture doesn't push out the front
.The pureness of the materials used such as satin finished stainless steel, which will remain unaltered in time
 and against any type of varnishing.
.It's possible to mount the knobs against one another on the exact side of the glass plate (as well as other
 materials) making any surface double-sided.
.Along with these knobs, bars that use the same type of fittings are being produced which can be used to create
 graphic motifs on panels providing a distinguished effect. Like the knobs, the bars can be mounted against a
 backing or against one another, making the panels double-sided.
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