Seven knots, a fixing pivot, a stainless brushed steel tubolar.
Easy doesn't it?
With furnishing system tecno.1 you can put on shop: furniture, showcases, tables, steps, trolleys, wall and central equipment to show and contain every kind of good.
But semplicity is not the art of getting by! In fact, with base structure, Cean has thought to every solution already arranged to hold glasses and wooden tops.
Naturally you can use other materials.

Evolution goes on...
When an outfit system works you can see it from its evolution.
With tecno.1 we have created a simple tubular structure incredibly flexible using 7 knots, to obtein different combinations.
With tecno.2 added other knots to the 7 ones: the "hinge-knot" to assemble doors and showcases even if they have big dimensions, the fixing knots to assemble glass to glass.
Tecno.2 has got new accessories to create different showcases.
A system which permits to use knots to join tubes, to be used to assemble showcases and wooden furnishings including those of large dimensions, trasforming them in connection elements for sides, bases, tops and doors.
This showcases can be assembled side by side or completed with a tubes structure.
In the catalogue you can find different accessories like feet, hinges, locks and lighting system.
The main characteristics of tecno.1 programme is the possibility to create any kind of structure thanks to 7 knots and different tubes that customers can cut to size without other workings.
These are the bases of Tecno.1, where you can add different accessories:
.Knots with M10 threaded holes which allow you to insert various feet, casters and glass spacers.
.Single and double fixing systems on wall and wooden bases.
.Horizontal and vertical glass and wooden fixing system on structure.
.different levelings to position glasses on structure with various combinations and sequences.
.Many hook racks and hanging rods can be set-up on horizontal and vertical tubes adjustable in position and height.
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